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Thomas Gray, yup that's me, is a professional Monterey Bay wedding and event photographer. I shoot everything from weddings, birthdays, family portraits, corporate headshots, automotive events, and pretty much anything else. I do a fair amount of prints and framing as well. Everything you see on the website is available in print, frame or unframed. Let me know what you're interested in and we'll make it work!

I mainly photograph weddings in the Monterey Bay area; however, I am available for travel as well. My costs for your wedding are quite competitive and my gear is top notch. I shoot two Canon DSLR cameras along with many lenses and generally tow along a second photographer to all events.

I attend some of the local shows like the West End Celebration, but you can just send me an email and we can touch base as well. I live in Marina, but I have no issues traveling to you.

I look forward to shooting your wedding, event, or just hanging some prints in your home or office.

My email is
My cell phone number is 831.233.9523

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